Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Marvel Mondays: New Avengers: Illumnati #5

Holy crap! The Wizard site is back up and running again...and they've got a HUGE backload of features and articles posted up...but believe it or not, I only have the ONE article to post up, and here it is:

Take a look at Marvel characters’ biggest mistakes as the fallout from Skrull-ektra heats up this week’s spotlight preview
By Brian Warmoth
Posted November 5, 2007 1:20 PM

Heroes aren’t perfect—not even those filling the ranks of the Illuminati.

Marvel’s most powerful minds reunite this week with seismic repercussions in New Avengers: Illuminati #5. Writers Brian Michael Bendis and Brian Reed follow up on Bendis’ bombshell from New Avengers #31, where he outed Elektra as a Skrull agent. Now, the Illuminati have reconvened, and Tony Stark gets a face full of history to ponder as he and his cohorts contemplate their mistakes that set today’s events in motion.

Tony and company aren’t alone with their errors, however. Browse through this chilling interlude as we look back at some of the biggest party fouls to ever be committed by Marvel characters—intentional or not—and historically what undesirable consequences proceeded them.

WHAT HE DID: Professor X’s comatose son David Haller (aka Legion) awakened, bent on traveling back through time and killing Magneto so that Charlie Xavier could live out his dream of a mutant/human utopia. Legion failed at the last second, offing his pops instead.
THE RESULT: Legion paradoxed himself out of existence and ruptured history, allowing Apocalypse to come to power, enslave most of the world and usher the “Age of Apocalypse” universe into reality.

THE KLUTZ: Bruce Banner
WHEN IT HAPPENED: Incredible Hulk #1
WHAT HE DID: The good doctor only wanted to save a bungling young Rick Jones from certain death during a gamma bomb test.
THE RESULT: Jones was spared, but the classic mistake gave birth to the Hulk, who has blessed the world with his lovable green garishness and temper tantrums ever since.

THE KLUTZ: Peter Parker
WHEN IT HAPPENED: Amazing Fantasy #15
WHAT HE DID: Angsty teen Peter Parker couldn’t be bothered to stop a burglar shortly after he gained his Spider-Man powers.
THE RESULT: That burglar killed Pete’s Uncle Ben, widowing his Aunt May and burdening Spider-Man with a soul full of guilt for the rest of his days.

THE KLUTZ: Angus MacWhirter
WHEN IT HAPPENED: Uncanny X-Men #119
WHAT HE DID: The grisly old sailor broke into Moira MacTaggert’s Muir Island holding facility with the intention of blowing the place up, but instead came face to face with Moira’s mutant son Kevin—better known to the world henceforth as Proteus.
THE RESULT: One the most powerful mutants ever seen in the pages of X-Men introduced himself by screwing around with reality and nearly offing most of their roster at the time.

THE KLUTZES: The Illuminati, collectively
WHEN IT HAPPENED: Incredible Hulk (Vol. 3) #91
WHAT THEY DID: Deeming Banner to be too dangerous to roam the Earth any longer, Marvel’s most famous cabal put the Hulk into a S.H.I.E.L.D. capsule and jettisoned him into space with little to no plan for what to do should he ever find his way home.
THE RESULT: If you missed what’s been going on in World War Hulk, their bang-up plot flopped in a big way when Banner returned from his barbarian destination with a chip on his shoulder and an army of aliens ready to dish out a world war’s worth of revenge.

But that was hardly the Illuminati’s swan song. Check out the first six pages of this week’s New Avengers: Illuminati #5, written by Brian Michael Bendis and Brian Reed and penciled by Jim Cheung!

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