Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Marvel Mondays: "Daredevil" #102

Hey folks! I now know why there was so much stuff posted yesterday on Wizard Universe...I had posted stuff stretching TWO days! Well, there's quite a lot more stuff today, so enjoy!

Have I mentioned that Daredevil is now one of my favourite characters in the Marvel Universe? Ever since Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada relaunched the title as part of the Marvel Knights stable, the book has gone from strength to strength. Then Brian Michael Bendis started his legendary run and Ed Brubaker now carries on that legacy.

It's remarkable, considering there's nothing really special about Daredevil. Sure, he's got pretty unique powers. But he can't shoot lightning bolts out of his arse or anything fancy like that...he's just an expert hand-to-hand combatant with a radar sense and enhanced senses...and those enhanced senses are sometimes more of a disadvantage than an advantage!

So why do I like the character so much? Perhaps it's because he's a flawed hero. He makes bad choices in his personal life (some of which he's been pushed into) and his interaction with his supporting cast makes it one of the best reads right now. Daredevil, the hero, isn't anything special, when you're talking about superpowers. Matt Murdock, the CHARACTER though, now there's someone unique and special.

A glimpse at Mr. Fear and a look at Daredevil’s most vicious vendettas throughout history
By Brian Warmoth
Posted November 26, 2007 5:10 PM

Daredevil’s long history with Mr. Fear dates back for decades, but the masked villain crossed a new line when he sent Murdock’s wife Milla over the edge into a drug-induced psychotic rage. Now, Milla sits in a mental institution and things are very personal for the Man Without Fear. Mr. Fear earned a slot on top of an elite list of villains to land on the wrong end of one of Daredevil’s grudges. Alongside a preview of this week’s Daredevil #102, here are the worst of Daredevil’s rogues and what happened to them.

The Grudge: Roscoe Sweeny had Matt Murdock’s dad Jack killed after the veteran boxer refused to throw a fight. If that wasn’t bad enough, he slipped right through the legal system and back onto the streets. The crime inspired Matt to take on his identity as Daredevil.
Daredevil’s Revenge: Daredevil not only managed to track down his father’s assailant Slade, he also found the Fixer in a subway and scared the life out of him—literally, the old man had a heart attack and croaked.

The Grudge: Synn beat Daredevil to a pulp and then not only got a restraining order filed against him, but also tarnished his image in the media and kidnapped Murdock’s secretary. Synn also messed around with Foggy Nelson’s wife and used her against both Nelson and Murdock.
Daredevil’s Revenge: Daredevil teamed together with the Kingpin to completely dismantle Synn's crime syndicate and reduced the bare-chested pile of machismo to a groveling, begging embarrassment to supervillains everywhere.

The Grudge: The Kingpin outed Daredevil as Matthew Murdock to the F.B.I. and got him thrown in jail. Then he had Murdock's partner and pal Foggy Nelson brutally stabbed. Unfortunately for him, the F.B.I. threw the Kingpin for a loop and tossed him in jail as well, right along with Murdock.
Daredevil’s Revenge: When a prison riot broke out and Daredevil and the Kingpin were forced to look out for each other momentarily, Murdock let the Kingpin catch a crippling blow from Bullseye and jumped out of jail with the big criminal Kahuna still behind bars in a world of pain.

The Grudge: The Owl got way out of line and teased Murdock about Foggy’s stabbing. The crude comments hit a nasty chord with the recently arrested hero.
Daredevil’s Revenge: Murdock slammed a few fistfuls of hurt into the Owl in response to the taunt and left him with a few bruises to remember him by.

The Grudge: Murdock’s law school classmate Larry Cranston carried his own grudge into a career as the third Mr. Fear. Partnering with chemist Dante Govich, Cranston lashed out at Milla and drugged her into a psychotic stupor.
Daredevil’s Revenge: Daredevil’s out for blood now, as well as an antidote for Milla’s condition. As history shows, messing with Daredevil’s loved ones rarely ends with a slap a on the wrist.

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