Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"The Dark Knight's" dueling newspapers

OooOo...some rumblings about "The Dark Knight" the sequel to "Batman Begins"!


Two Gotham papers go live online with possible clue about Warner Bros.’ new Batman film

By Brian Warmoth

Posted November 27, 2007 10:20 AM

Two websites launched over the holiday weekend with radically different views of Gotham City. Newspapers appeared on and with an official Gotham paper and seemingly Joker-edited parody, respectively. And plenty of Batman universe fan fodder lurks between the lines.

One click on the Gotham Times’ headline “Mobsters Fight for Dominance” reveals a tear leading to the second paper, The Ha Ha Ha Times. Possible spoilers for the film contained in the first paper include a story describing a bloody clash between forces led by “The Chechen,” an organization previously loyal to Carmine Falcone who is now under Sal Maroni and another gang of “street toughs” headed by someone named Gambol.

The Gotham Times cites the city’s police commissioner as “Commissioner G. Loeb,” a character from Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One.

A URL contained in another story leads to the website, which offers form e-mails to submit to Harvey Dent either in support of his work or submitting tips about crime in Gotham City.

The Ha Ha Ha Times, meanwhile, includes doodles and commentary on events in the city, which appear to be directly from the Joker.

The new sites follow an internet marketing campaign launched by Warner Bros., which kicked off on the website, which now includes a personality profile quiz from the Joker meant for potential clown gang recruits.

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