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Best moments of 2007

OoOOoO! Wizard Universe has just published a feature on the "Best Of" 2007! Super hot!

From a new ‘crisis’ situation to a wild wedding night, remember the strongest scenes that rocked the year!

By Ben Morse

Posted November 29, 2007 11:00 AM

THE REAL SINESTRO CORPS (Sinestro Corps Special)
Sinestro and thousands of like-minded sociopathic aliens wielding unstoppable power rings certainly seems like the Green Lantern Corps’ worst nightmare, but the last page of Sinestro Corps Special #1 revealed the situation to be far, far worse than originally believed. Joining Sinestro were:

• Kyle Rayner, once the last hope of the Green Lanterns, now possessed by Parallax, the ancient fear parasite that once held Hal Jordan in thrall.

• Cyborg Superman, the master of the robotic Manhunters and the entity who nearly brought the Man of Steel to intergalactic ruin.

• Superboy-Prime, a mentally unbalanced Kryptonian teen whose power nearly equals that of Superman himself.

• And the mutha of ’em all: the Anti-Monitor, the most powerful villain in the history of DC Comics, who ended untold lives and nearly wiped out the DCU in the classic Crisis on Infinite Earths. Unseen since his supposed death in that seminal tale over 20 years ago, he’s back and badder than ever as the lone “Guardian” of the Sinestro Corps.

After the incredibly violent, action-packed and visceral fireworks display of the Sinestro Corps Special, its awe-inspiring conclusion provided the final spectacular explosion that let everybody know that one of the year’s best comic stories had only just begun—and had plenty of surprises left.

Skrullektra! (New Avengers #3l)

The cover to New Avengers #31 made it clear Elektra would take a sai to the gut courtesy of Echo. However, we did not know that upon taking said tummy shot, Elektra would turn out to be a shape-shifting alien Skrull! The seeds of distrust among heroes were firmly planted.

Thor Hammers Iron Man (Thor #3)

Who better to deliver some long-awaited comeuppance to the morally questionable Tony Stark than the newly returned Thor, the man Stark cloned a killer from during Civil War? The Thunder God didn’t disappoint, tearing Shellhead’s armor to iron shreds and sending him on his merry way.

Sobek Chows Down (52 #43)

Over the course of 42 weeks, we fell in love with the heartwarming tale of Osiris and Sobek, where a superpowered teen found friendship with a quirky but endearing crocodile-man. Until said croc-man reveals he’s an assassin by eating the poor kid whole! Yum!

Warren Returns (Buffy Season Eight #2)

One of the single grossest moments of the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV series came when Dark Willow skinned deranged chauvinist Warren after he killed her girlfriend Tara. Well, turns out death didn’t quite take for Warren as he resurfaced in comic book form, but sans skin! Yuck.

Nova Guts Annihilus (Annihilation #6)

Completing his transformation from B-list to badass, Nova ended Annihilus’ campaign for universal domination in grand—and disgusting—fashion by ripping out the insectoid conqueror’s insides for all to see, putting a permanent end to one of Marvel’s most powerful baddies.

Green Arrow and Black Canary (Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special)

Instead of the wedded bliss they deserved, one of comics’ most venerable couples got a honeymoon of horrors as Black Canary’s utterance of “I love you” turned Green Arrow’s evil clone into a maniac intent on killing his bride. One arrow to the neck later, and the Canary became a widow.

Hulk Crushes Doctor Strange’s Hands (World War Hulk #3)

The Hulk proved his newest incarnation to be crafty as well as powerful, using his Bruce Banner alter ego to lull Doctor Strange into a false sense of security on the astral plane and taking the mystic’s hands into his own, only to crunch the good doctor’s fingers in a moment that made you cringe.

Sharon Shot Cap (Captain America #25)

The shocks of Captain America #25 didn’t end with the shot heard ’round the world, as the issue ended with Cap’s longtime love interest, Sharon Carter, looking in the mirror and realizing along with the reader that thanks to the mental manipulations of the Red Skull, she pulled the trigger!

Hawkeye Skewers the Widow (Ultimates 2 #13)

Black Widow’s betrayal hit all the Ultimates hard, but none harder than Hawkeye, her former partner on the team’s black ops squad who watched his family die at the hands of the Widow’s allies. Hawkeye brought the Black Widow’s web of deceit to an end with a point-blank arrow.

Batman Offered Sinestro Ring (Green Lantern #17)

It makes sense that Sinestro would want Batman in his Corps given the Dark Knight’s ability to inspire great fear, but Bats almost taking a walk on the dark yellow brick road, only to pull back at the last second, made an awesome appetizer for the war to come.

The Green Lantern Corps (Justice #12)

The Justice League of America and its allies have thwarted most of the Legion of Doom’s plans, but Brainiac still has the world’s nuclear missiles aimed at Earth. As zero hour looms, enter the entire Green Lantern Corps to save the day in a glorious two-page painted spread by Alex Ross.

Hercules Hammers Thor Clone (Civil War #7)

In a literally eye-popping moment, the Lion of Olympus punches the faux Thor so hard that the cyborg’s face falls off, avenging the murder of Goliath, redeeming some of the Thunder God’s honor and giving Hercules major street cred all in one fell swoop.

Wally West (Justice League of America #10)

From the moment he vanished during Infinite Crisis last year, fans clamored for the return of their favorite Flash, Wally West, and the conclusion of the “Lightning Saga” crossover between Justice League of America and Justice Society of America delivered, with the Fastest Man Alive back where he belongs.

Yorick Brown and Beth Deville (Y: The Last Man #55)

After five years and over 50 issues, the last man on Earth finally finds his lost love in the most romantic of locales: Paris. Series artist Pia Guerra creates the picture-perfect splash page for the long-awaited embrace that provided the year’s top tearjerker.

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