Monday, September 24, 2007

X-Men: Messiah Complex

Howdy! After a couple of days away, thanks to the move to the new home, I'm back!

I haven't read X-Men in ages. Just haven't been that interested in Marvel's mutants for a couple of years, not even when the movies came out! Guess I just can't relate to them anymore.

Even when mutant fever was at its height in Grant Morrison's run on New X-Men, I only purchased the first couple of issues, then dropped the X-titles off my standing orders list altogether. I felt the stories were getting stale...of course, that was silly since Morrison's run was one of the best ever runs on X-men and my two hardcover collections of his run says just that, PLUS I'm thinking of getting the omnibus.

Anyway, I don't think I'll jump back into the X-universe again anytime soon, but the new direction the X-Men are being taken towards since the House of M company-wide crossover seems promising!

Marvel provides the four key questions—and unbelievable answers—that will rock Marvel’s mutants to the brink of extinction in this fall’s ‘X-Men: Messiah Complex’

By TJ Dietsch
Original Illustration by Billy Tan

Posted September 20, 2007 8:35 AM

The drums of war beat loudly for the X-Men this fall.

October’s “Messiah Complex” one-shot kicks off a crossover between X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, New X-Men and X-Factor through January.

“‘Messiah Complex’ will cause characters to choose sides once and for all,” explains Group Editor Axel Alonso. “They’re standing on the edge of a cliff when it comes to their existence.”

And their existence revolves around four key questions, provided exclusively by Marvel, and the answers can be found here. Think you can figure it all out? Let’s get started…

Who Will Lead Them?
“Our leader will make very hard decisions, like a general in war,” says Alonso. “It will change this person’s relationship with everyone.”

We see three contenders: Prof. X, but he’s been kinda shady in that category lately. There’s Cyclops, but are his leadership methods too antiquated for the task? And there’s the radical Cable, but could his terrorist ways go too far? Oh, and there’s the fact that Cable’s currently dead. Perhaps new blood takes the reins.

Who Will Betray Them?
This betrayal of mutantkind, Alonso promises, will be the biggest the X-Men have ever seen, and could mean curtains for all mutants.

Mr. Sinister ordered mass genocide by slaughtering the Morlocks, so he’s a prime suspect. So’s the conniving Mystique, who goes to great lengths to get what she wants. And how much do we really know about Bishop and his future, anyway?

Who Will Die?
One of the mutants to the left WILL die.

“If there are no casualties in war, ultimately you stop believing in the peril,” X-Men writer Mike Carey explains. “The deaths will have power.”

The death of a big gun like Beast, the brains of the X-Men, could truly cripple the team. Or even the demise of Rogue, a Marauders prisoner, or hard-to-kill Madrox, the duplicating star of X-Factor, would show the X-Men how serious their enemies are.

Who Holds the Fate of Mutantkind?
Could it be…an infant? “A child is born and we don’t know, but we suspect, that this could be evidence of a new mutant birth,” teases Alonso.

If not the child, then who? You can’t discount Storm’s access to the most technologically advanced country in the world. Or the fact that Wolverine is mutantkind’s ultimate survivor. Or that X-23 is a clone of Logan. Regardless, Alonso reiterates the stakes very plainly:

“‘Messiah Complex’ is like a shot heard around the world,” Alonso says. “It shows the X-Men there’s no more time to f--- around. It’ll hit like a rocket ship to the gut.”

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