Monday, September 3, 2007

LMS: Wolverine Vs Sabertooth

What fabulous art by Jim Lee! It's the match-up all Wolvie fans wanna see: a knock-down, gritty and dirty battle against his arch-nemesis, the hairy wonder himself, Sabertooth!

Sif we all don't already know who's going to win. :p

Wolverine vs. Sabertooth Art by Jim Lee

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THE PLAYERS... A mutant with enhanced senses and a lightning-quick healing factor, Logan participated in Canada’s “Weapon X” program, which gave him an adamantium-laced skeleton. Combined with retractable claws, this killing machine now protects humanity as the X-Men’s Wolverine!
A mutant with razor-claws, heightened senses and an accelerated healing factor, the so-called Victor Creed also took part in “Weapon X.” Now a freelance mercenary, Creed uses his powers, instincts and uncontrollable bloodlust to tear through his victims as Sabretooth!

THE BATTLE... Honing his skills in the woods of upstate N.Y., Wolverine suddenly drops the scent of the deer he’s tracking and picks up a more familiar one: Sabretooth! Muscles tensed and claws extended, Logan turns just as Sabretooth lunges at his foe. A few quick swipes, and Sabretooth draws first blood. Wolverine counters with some well-placed blows to Sabretooth’s midsection, knocking the villain into a formerly solid oak tree. The ’Tooth gets up and pursues Wolverine, locking the two in a frenzied dance of blood, slashes and snarls. Getting in close, Sabretooth’s bloodlust rises as he cuts open Wolvie’s abdomen. Berserker rage now kicking in, Wolverine slashes out with his claws, slicing Sabretooth’s right hand clean off. With the smell of blood filling his nostrils, Wolverine mercilessly hacks away at his wounded foe, pausing not even for a second as he delivers the final blow through Sabretooth’s heart. Holding his guts in with one hand, Wolverine spits a good-bye on his enemy, before falling to the ground and passing out in a sea of blood as his healing factor kicks into overdrive.

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炳瑜 said...

Hi.. can you tell me which issue of comic did the picture you post came from??