Monday, September 24, 2007

Spider-man 4: Coming to theatres in 2010!

The Spider-man 3 DVD is out and even though I didn't enjoy the movie as much as I could have (see my Spider-man: The End of an Era? post), I think I'll still be purchasing it...after all, it's the movie debut of Venom, and that Venom "suit" looked hella cool!

There's a poll on Wizard Universe about the NEXT Spidey movie:

Cast your votes on what you want from the next installment!

Posted September 21, 2007 10:15 AM

The hype around 2010’s “Spider-Man 4” is already building, but with no word yet on who will direct (will Sam Raimi return?) or which villains to expect, Wizard wants to know what the fans want in the next epic chapter of the blockbuster film franchise.

Cast your votes now and look for the results in Wizard’s huge “Spider-Man 4” feature in Wizard #194, on sale Oct. 31.

If Sam Raimi doesn’t return, who should direct “Spider-Man 4”?
A) Joss Whedon
B) Peter Jackson
C) James Cameron
D) Zack Snyder
E) Frank Miller

Which villain should star in the next film?
A) Carnage
B) Kraven
C) Lizard
D) Electro
E) Mysterio

What storylines should they pull from?
A) Kraven’s Last Hunt
B) Death of Jean DeWolfe
C) Ultimate Clone Saga
D) The Black Cat love triangle
E) Back in Black

Didn't know Spidey 4 is scheduled for a 2010 release. Gives them lots of time to improve on the third movie I suppose!

Personally, I think that Zack Snyder might be great as a director for a Spidey movie. Joss Whedon would be awesome too, coz he brings the fanboy mentality in and he'll give Spidey a good dose of humour.

I'd like to see Lizard as the next villain. It's natural progression...we've seen Curt Connors in the three movies, so it's about time to follow up on his story! Kraven would be my second choice.

I'd like to see the "Death of Gwen Stacy" tear Peter apart in the fourth movie, which could tie in nicely with the "Back in Black" storyarc, due to his grief. Though I WOULD like to see more of Peter and Gwen dating in the fourth movie first!

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