Wednesday, September 5, 2007

LMS: Ultimate Wolverine Vs Wolverine

We all know Wolverine is the best there is at what he does. Whether it's smoking cigars, being a total badass in a fight, or simply beating hapless opponents in a game of foosball, Wolverine's at the top of the pack. So who would win in a fight when TWO Wolverines from different universes face off against each other?

My money's on the classic Wolvie. After all, it'd be really bad for his image if he lost to his metrosexual Ultimate universe counterpart. Plus, classic Wolvie has slept with more women, giving him MORE prowess than Ultimate Wolvie, who's only, like, bonked Jean Grey.

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Wolverine Art by Sean Chen and Norm Rapmund

Ultimate Wolverine
Best atKickin'

THE PLAYERS: During the Gulf War, Ultimate Wolverine worked in black ops for the Weapon X project. Thanks to his healing factor and adamantium claws and skeleton, Ultimate Wolverine was the ultimate killing machine. Little is known about Wolverine’s past, other than he worked in intelligence before being tapped for the Weapon X project. With his adamantium claws and skeleton and healing factor, Wolverine is the best at what he does.

THE BATTLE: Plucked out of their respective realities by the
dimension-hopping Blink, Ultimate Wolverine and Wolverine are thrust together against their wills. Big mistake—the mission’s forgotten and the pair are trying to tear out each other’s throats. Logan peels off a piece of Ultimate’s hide like a Fruit Roll-Up, but Ultimate retaliates with a claw thrust through Logan’s torso that penetrates several organs. Logan literally tries to take Ultimate’s legs away, but Ultimate counters by gouging out Logan’s left eye. Several minutes go by, and the blood’s flowing freely, enraging the two man-beasts even further. Being taller than Logan, Ultimate has the reach advantage, but decades of battling Sabretooth taught Wolverine about fighting bigger foes. Logan feints one way and quickly slips inside his foe’s longer reach to stab away at Ultimate’s midsection. Bits of pancreas, liver, kidneys and intestine go flying like straw in a hurricane, and a minute later, Ultimate’s lying in a bloody heap at Logan’s feet. Logan’s parting shot to the new kid on the block? “I’m still the best there is, bub.”


Anonymous said...

LOL Beautiful.. Logan 'kicks ass'

Roleplay Adventures said...

I'm book marking this. Thanks for such a kick ass entry. I really enjoyed the art work and story. I'm a big fan of both Wolverines and this really made my night.

Anonymous said...

dam strait logan kicks ass i still dont get why marvel even made up an ultimate univers

roximonoxide said...

Do you happen to know the year and month or issue number of Wizard this comes from? I've been racking my brain. :P Thanks.