Monday, September 10, 2007

LMS: Hawkman Vs Angel

Start the countdown...only seven more Last Man Standing features to go after this one!

In today's feature: we've got avian avenger versus hawked hero as two birds of prey tackle each other in mid-air: Hawkman Vs Angel from the Uncanny X-Men!

It seems like it's going to be such a one-sided contest. Hawkman has a nifty mace and he's got superstrength, endurance and stamina. All Angel can do is fly. Oh, I suppose Angel has logged in heaps of battle sequence time in the Danger Room and is adept at combat...but I'm sure Hawkman's got those qualities too.

Hawkman vs. Angel Art by Rags Morales

6’ 6”Height6’ 0”
226 lbsWeight150 lbs
Returns from itDeath
Once became it
Hard nipples Distinctive
Blue skin

A Thanagarian warrior who came to Earth in ancient Egypt, Carter Hall constantly cheated death, getting reincarnated throughout history as the Winged Warrior known as Hawkman!
A mutant born with wings and avian physiology, Warren Worthington III joined the X-Men to help create peace between humans and mutants, becoming the high-flying Angel!

THE BATTLE... During a routine flight, the Angel spots another winged hero in the distance. Deciding to have a little fun, the Angel swoops into a power dive and gives Hawkman a little fly-by, knocking the Winged Warrior around in his wake. Angered by this display of immaturity, Hawkman decides a little payback is in order and streaks off after the upstart Angel. Racing at cloud level, Angel executes a barrel roll, heads into a 10-G power climb and swoops into a Kamikaze dive, trying to shake Hawkman loose. Tiring of the cat-and-mouse game, Angel turns to fight his pursuer, but is stunned to see only empty sky. Too late, Angel realizes Hakwman has performed an Immelmann turn to gain altitude and attack from a different direction—as the Winged Wonder bears down on Angel at close to 100 m.p.h.! Trying to throw a good scare into Angel, Hawkman takes a mighty swing with his mace, but Angel grabs hold of the weapon instead, and the two begin a swift descent like a pair of eagles with their talons locked together. Right before the pair crash, they pull up and nail perfect two-point landings—and that’s when Hawkman rears back and unloads a devastating haymaker that connects with Angel’s chin, knocking him cold! As Hawkman soars away victorious, he’s secure knowing he out-fought and out-flew the mutant pretty boy.


Anonymous said...

angel would be picking up his teeth before he had time to ajust his make up! hawkman rocks

Anonymous said...

angel would be picking up his teeth before he had time to ajust his make up! hawkman rocks