Wednesday, September 19, 2007

LMS: Justice Society of America Vs Invaders

Here's the penultimate Last Man Standing feature! And it be a last TEAM standing feature too!

This one really should be no contest, even though Captain America IS on the Invaders. The JSA have too much firepower in their ranks. When your team's most powerful member is Namor, the Submariner, and the other team has got Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash, all of whom should be able to take Namor out singlehandedly, you know you're in trouble.

Justice Society of America Vs. Invaders
Art by Stephen Sadowski and Andy Lanning

Origins... After British Prime Minister Winston Churchill witnessed Captain America, Human Torch and Sub-Mariner foiling a Nazi U-boat attack, he compelled the heroes to remain together to fight for the Allies against the Axis powers—and thus, the Invaders were born!

The greatest heroes of the Golden Age, the Justice Society first formed to stop a Nazi assassination attempt on President Roosevelt and went on to become the first—and greatest—collection of superheroes ever!

The Battle... While attempting to safeguard the same Allied ammo dump, the JSA and the Invaders mistake one another for Nazi saboteurs—and the fight is on! Flash quickly runs Whizzer into the ground, Hourman makes short work of Spitfire and Union Jack suffers a severe beating at the hands of Mr. Terrific. That leaves the three big Invaders—Cap, Torch and Namor—against the combined might of the JSA. Terrific and Hourman find they don’t like the taste of Cap’s shield, which takes both upstarts out of the fight. Hawkman is no match for the sea-born strength of Namor, who easily plucks the feathers from the Winged Warrior. With their ranks thinned, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash are the last of the JSAers standing as they square off against the “Big Three” of the Invaders. With a giant emerald fist, Green Lantern swats Torch to the ground, where the Flash runs circles around the android until the vacuum created by the vortex extinguishes his flame and leaves him unconscious. With the speed of Hermes, Wonder Woman joins Flash in a super-speed attack against Captain America, who pushes himself to the brink of exhaustion, even managing to take out Flash courtesy of a well-placed shield toss. But that leaves him defenseless, and the depleted Star-Spangled Avenger is no match for the Herculean strength of Diana—even though Cap absorbs enough punishment to take out a regiment of soldiers! Wonder Woman and Namor then trade terrible blows that destroy the landscape worse than any Nazi shelling. Needing a breather, Namor’s power of flight takes him out of range—and right into GL’s sights, as Sub-Mariner finds himself in an emerald net tough enough to hold a thrashing sperm whale. Namor strains with all his Atlantean might, shouting “Imperius Rex!” as he finds the willpower to somehow break free of the net. But that act drops him to the ground and into the waiting haymaker of Wonder Woman, who delivers a Joe Louis-like knockout blow that takes Namor—and the Invaders—out of the fight!

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