Monday, September 3, 2007

Alex Ross' upcoming Marvel project

Alex Ross is coming back to Marvel soon! I so can't wait:

From Wizard Universe:

We put the spotlight on the superstar painter’s new ‘Avengers’ book and his ‘Escapists’ cover!

By Andy Serwin

Posted August 31, 2007 9:20 AM

What’s this deal with this new Avengers book, and who’s involved?

It’s a 12-issue Avengers/Invaders project. I’m painting covers and co-plotting, Jim Krueger’s writing it and Steve Sadowski (JSA) is drawing it. It’s meant to be in continuity, with the world as it is post Civil War, and the timing of how the Invaders come into the modern day is meant to be for the shock value of seeing the young Namor, Captain America and Bucky together in the their prime, and maybe some culture shock reaction to the modern age of superheroes. This kind of event would have to poise the opposing groups of Avengers against each other to manage [the Invaders] in their timeline. If in fact that’s what these guys are, if they’re not Skrulls or something! [Laughs]

It’s been almost four years since Paradise X, your last project for Marvel; why hook up with them now?

This is in every way shape and form due to Dynamic Forces. Nick Barrucci has been my olive branch to mend fences and open new relationships. He has created this idea himself, and he’s brought in myself and Jim Krueger and is making a future for us back at our alma mater of sorts.

How did this Escapists cover come about for Dark Horse?

I’ve collected all of the Escapists comics, and I have respect for what [Michael] Chabon accomplished. I had a reaction to the simplistic archetype that he created in the Escapist. When I first heard the name, I thought, “That’s an awesome comic character name.”

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