Friday, September 14, 2007

LMS: Elektra Vs Scarlett

Well, I wrote my own LMS feature today, featured on 28 Geeks Later. Won't re-blog it here since Theo and I are really trying to get people to go visit that site.

An awesome LMS from Wizard today, with superb art by master painter Greg Horn. Except the anguished look on Scarlett's face and the pose she's in shall I put this? Well, if you take it out of context, it's kinda suggestive. Haha!

It's ninja vs martial arts expert! Private organisation (since Elektra's an assassin-for-hire) vs government agent! Brunette vs redhead! Who wins? Red blooded fanboys of course!

Elektra vs. Scarlett Art by Greg Horn

SaiWeapon of ChoiceCrossbow
Deviled EggsFavorite FoodSnake Meat

Origins... After her father was killed, Elektra Natchios went to Japan where she studied martial arts. Following years of intense ninja training, Elektra now works as one of the deadliest assassins in the world!

Raised by a family of martial arts instructors, Shana O’Hara enlisted in the military right out of high school. After years of rigorous training, O’Hara joined the top-secret G.I. Joe team and became the Joes’ counter-intelligence expert, codenamed Scarlett!

THE BATTLE... During a routine press conference, G.I. Joe commanding officer General Hawk finds himself the target of assassination by Elektra! As the killer bounds from the crowd hurling a sai at Hawk’s chest, she’s amazed to see it shot out of the air with a crossbow bolt fired by Scarlett. Leaping at Elektra, Scarlett unleashes a volley of shuriken throwing stars, but like an expert ballerina, Elektra dodges the missiles in midair—barely. Squaring off for hand-to-hand, Scarlett lands a kick to Elektra’s midsection, then follows up with an elbow strike to her head. Stunned, Elektra counters with a roundhouse kick that rocks Scarlett back on her heels. Pressing her advantage, Elektra thrusts her sai through Scarlett’s midsection, her Kevlar body armor the only thing saving her from death. Momentarily pinned on the sai, Scarlett desperately shoots a crossbow through Elektra’s foot, keeping her grounded. With the blunt end of her sai, Elektra smashes Scarlett’s face, turning it into a kaleidoscope of agony as blood and teeth go flying. Drawing her sidearm, Scarlett gets off a shot that takes a chunk out of Elektra’s shoulder, and pulling herself off the sai, she lands one last sweep kick to Elektra’s head that turns the assassin’s lights out. As Elektra’s led away by the security team, the battered Scarlett quips, “Sugar, I eat ninjas for breakfast. Tell Cobra to try a little harder next time.”

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