Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Two collections in two different countries

As you know, I still buy comics here in Australia, though nowhere CLOSE to the number I have waiting for me back in Singapore. Bernard and the crew at G&B Comics have been so kind to me over the last five years to hold the comics on my standing orders list for me. So every year when I go back, I have HEAPS to pick up...which costs me a fair bit as well. :( And I have to spend a lot of time reading just to catch up on all the comics I've missed reading over the year. Isn't it great, then, that in those past couple of years, I've been a student and don't have any other commitments while on holidays? :p

And whatever comics I buy here in Australia, I usually bring them back home with me, to add to my sizeable collection. However, as Aeris rightfully pointed out this year, why do I even bother bringing them back? We want to stay in Australia. And if all goes well, we'll be here and eventually I'll try to move my parents over too. Which means unless I want to get rid of my collection back in Singapore, I'd be IMPORTING them over.

So I've decided that I'm just going to continue my collection HERE and if need be, if and when we're finally settled down in Oz, I'll pay a huge sum to move my comics from back home over too.

Oh yeah, also added more stuff to my "The Library in Oz" list, as much as I can remember. All those comics listed there, be it single issues, TPBs or HCs, are all the comics I have right here in Australia. The list will surely grow and grow...I'll make sure that it's properly updated once we get to the new house and I've unpacked everything.

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