Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Unleashing the fury with "Secret Invasion"

Yay! Skrulls!

As revealed in New Avengers #31, Elektra was actually a Skrull in disguise. This wasn't the first time Marvel have tried out this type of storyarc though...when Captain America first returned from the Heroes Reborn universe, his very first storyarc involved a Skrull impersonating him so that he could seek revenge on Earth, who's heroes had embarassed his proud race time and time again.

I'm glad that the next major event in the Marvel Universe revolves around the story Brian Michael Bendis first concocted within the pages of New Avengers.

Oh, and there's also the little thing called "The Return of Nick Fury", who's gone underground in the Marvel Universe ever since his role in his own personal Secret War was revealed in the 2004 mini-series.

Marvel’s heroes face off with the Skrulls in 2008’s mega-event, and a certain one-eyed superspy returns to lead the fight

By Matt Powell

Posted September 10, 2007 9:15 PM

According to Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, there’s “big explosions, life-or-death choices, fear and loathing among friends and classic costumes” in store for the future of the Marvel Universe—and it all begins with a big secret.

Although the title may suggest a quieter notion, Marvel set off an atomic bomb over the weekend with its announcement of Secret Invasion, the next big event to rock the Marvel Universe in 2008! The eight-issue series will debut in April from the current New Avengers creative team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Leinil Francis Yu.

“The Skrulls have covertly infiltrated our planet,” succinctly explains Brevoort on the plot of the series.

If you’ve been keeping up with New Avengers, it’s no surprise that the Skrulls have done more than infiltrate the planet—they’ve even taken over Marvel characters’ identities! We got our first look at a covert Skrull recently in New Avengers #31, as a green-skinned alien was revealed posing as the Hand leader Elektra!

However, Elektra’s body-snatching isn’t the first clue that we’ve received. Brevoort reveals that this invasion’s been building since 2004. “Secret War is where the first elements that are part of this storyline were put into place,” explains Brevoort. “But really, it’s an apt description of what’s been going on.”

Fast-forward to 2006’s New Avengers: Illuminati #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Jim Cheung, and we heard an ominous threat from the Skrulls about a possible revenge plot against Earth.

Facing facts, a Skrull invasion is definitely a threat that no single hero can withstand, and Brevoort says the Avengers titles will have the biggest impact in the invasion, with other tie-in issues to follow.

So which Avengers should we keep an eye on leading up to the event? “All the ones who aren’t in the Ultimate universe,” teases Brevoort. “And maybe even some of them.”

Adding to the mystery, Brevoort confirms that there will be more Skrull reveals to come, “some of which you may not even realize are reveals until further along in the story.”

With the Marvel Universe still rebuilding property and broken relationships after the effects of Civil War, the Marvel exec explains that Secret Invasion may be the catalyst to heal damaged affairs.

“It certainly presents the possibility for some fence-mending along the way, in that the Skrulls represent a threat that all parties on Earth can get together behind opposing,” explains Brevoort. “On the other hand, the emotional wounds from the last few years in the Marvel Universe run deep, so there may not be any way to bridge some of the divides between characters.”

Even divided, you can’t face a war without a strong general—or maybe a colonel—at your side. If there’s one man to lead the Marvel U. in its darkest hour, Brevoort’s got the man who’ll make you want to sign up.

“Nick Fury will be back in full force in Secret Invasion,” confirms Brevoort.

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