Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Inside the "Iron Man" trailer

Iron Man, Iron Man, does whatever an Iron can.

Wait, that doesn't sound right.

Anyway, more on the Iron Man movie.

Check out how awesome the "old" armour looks! And the new one is just awesome, of course.

From Tony Stark’s red carpet walk to the Mark 3 armor cutting loose, here’s a blow-by-blow of the eagerly anticipated footage

By Dave Winnick

Posted September 11, 2007 1:25 PM

The trailer opens with a brand-new silver Audi R8 driving with the license plate Stark 4 on it. Next up is Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), walking down a red carpeted stairway into a press line where he is asked by a reporter (Leslie Bibb) about his nickname “The Da Vinci of our time.” Stark replies, “Absolutely ridiculous—I don’t paint.” The reporter then asks about his other nickname, “The Merchant of Death.” Stark nods his head in approval, stating, “That’s not bad.”

The trailer changes to the now-familiar Marvel flipbook opening before showing Stark talking to a group of camo-clad military men about a new weapon Stark Industries has created. Stark says of this new weapon, “They say the best weapon is the one you never have to fire. I prefer the weapon you only have to fire once.” The trailer then cuts to a quick flash of three missiles before focusing on Stark again. “That’s how Dad did it. That’s how America does it. And it’s worked out pretty well so far.”

Up to this point the trailer is fairly lighthearted with Tony Stark being his familiar arrogant, smart-mouthed self. After the speech, Tony is shown raising a glass of hard liquor for a toast, possibly an indicator of drinking days to come. With that slightly ominous footage in the mind of the viewers, the trailer then cuts to Stark in a Humvee with some military personnel asking for a picture with him. Stark cordially obliges, jokingly warning the soldiers that he doesn’t “want to see this on your MySpace page.”

Things really turn bad for Tony after that as a series of explosions and gunfire begin to bombard his convoy. The footage turns to quick flashes of Stark running for cover as all hell breaks loose around him. All of this is set to the rhythm of a heart beating. Unfortunately for Tony, he just isn’t fast enough. A shell explodes next to him and the sequence ends abruptly.

The trailer turns to a picture of Tony on a video camera screen looking badly beaten. The camera pans out to show the soon-to-be-hero tied to a chair, being filmed by a terrorist group. The group’s leader tells Stark he has until the next day to assemble a missile.

It would appear that Stark has other plans for the materials he’s given. In voiceover Stark is heard telling his cellmate, “I just finally know what I have to do.” Sparks fly and hammers crash on anvils as Tony begins to forge his new identity. Tony’s cellmate is then heard asking, “What are you building, Stark?” The next thing seen on screen is Stark laying down the mask of the Mark 1 Iron Man suit on a table. He says, “I’m working on something big.”

Next the trailer flashes to a door with terrorist staring at it. Someone, or something, is beating on the door. The thump of a bass drum can be heard as the pounding continues. The door breaks free of its hinges as Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” begins to play in the background. The song accompanies footage of Stark using the Mark 1 to soundly thrash his captors. The trailer highlights some of the bulletproof suit’s attributes, including flamethrowers and added strength.

The music changes and the trailer switches to a series of quick scene flashes. Stark is shown in a tank top, the machinery that keeps his heart pumping clearly displayed on his chest.

Next up is a shot of Tony’s secretary and confidant, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), on a military base.

After the picture of Potts, the footage switches to a bald and bearded Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane. Stark’s rival is standing in front of an Iron suit. It’s unclear if this is Stark’s Mark 1 or Stane’s own Iron Monger outfit because the suit is filmed from behind.

The footage of Stane is followed by a quick shot of a wild pool party and what appears to be Stark in bed with a woman.

Fans of Jim Rhodes (Terrence Howard) are given a quick shot of Tony’s best friend. Howard stated at Comic-Con that he was looking forward to the possibility of donning the War Machine armor in future films.

Following the shot of Rhodes is more footage of Pepper Potts being terrorized by someone in the Iron Monger armor, most likely Stane.

This terror only lasts for a short time though, as the next thing on screen is Stark rising to his feet completely garbed in the Mark 3. The Mark 3 is a streamlined version of the Iron Man Mark 3 from the comic book. It looks like a cross between the regular Marvel Universe suit and the Ultimate Marvel Universe suit.

There is then a quick shot of Stark sticking his gloved right hand up toward the screen. The palm of his hand his glowing as a repulsor ray begins to fire from it.

The trailer then moves to the footage of the Mark 3 flying alongside two military jets. The speed and agility of the Iron Man suit is highlighted as Stark executes a quick barrel roll: then he leaves the two planes in his dust.

Once again the familiar sounds of Black Sabbath play over the trailer as a die hits a piece of iron, leaving the imprint of the Iron Man logo. Ozzy Osbourne’s voice is heard singing “I am Iron Man.” The release date, May 2, 2008, flashes on the screen. The trailer finishes with a shot of the flying Mark 3 suit breaking the sound barrier and then flying off into the distance.

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