Wednesday, September 12, 2007

LMS: Dead Bucky Vs Dead Robin

Corpse Vs's like watching grass grow or paint dry.

Assuming they do a "Dawn of the Dead" and arise as zombies...who would win?

I think Robin would, but knowing how Bucky turns out to be the highly trained superassassin Winter Soldier, I'd put my money on him...if he were a little older.

The battle doesn't go as least not the way one would THINK.

Dead Bucky vs. Dead Robin Art by Todd Nauck and Jaime Mendoza

Dead Bucky
Dead Robin
5' 6 1/2"Height4' 5 1/2"
Cap's ShieldWaxesLegs
Baron ZemoKilled byThe Fans

EDITOR'S NOTE: Okay, we know neither of these guys are still among the deceased, but we couldn't resist posting this article again - if not for the irony of their recent return to the land of the living, then for the hilarious art provided by Todd Nauck and Jaime Mendoza. Enjoy! -RM

THE PLAYERS: When young James “Bucky” Barnes discovered Private Steven Rogers was really Captain America, he blackmailed his way to being Cap’s partner. Bucky fought the good fight in WWII until he tried disarming a booby-trapped plane…and failed miserably.

After stealing the Batmobile’s tires, young Jason Todd wormed his way into Batman’s heart and became the new Robin. Later, while searching for his birth mother, Todd survived a vicious crowbar beating by the Joker…only to be blown to bits by a bomb.

THE BATTLE: As a cold harsh wind blows its way across Robinson Park, the midday sun basks over the meadows. Stalks of unmown grass waver in the wind as brittle leaves cut ties and leap to their death. It’s a crisp day. A clear day. A good day for war.

Laying listless in the grass, the two soldiers prepare for battle. Each lays poised, rigid. Neither willing to make the first move. Ever waiting. Ever cautious.

Suddenly, out of the still, comes a sharp piercing sound. A small brown dog bounds across the park, tail flittering in syncopation to the grand song of joy. He approaches both combatants, eyeing each suspiciously. A sniff here, a smell there and the choice is made. With a howling battle cry, the young pup bites down on Bucky’s useless arm.

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