Thursday, September 6, 2007

LMS: Black Canary Vs Black Widow

Catfight! Between two leather-clad women!

A Bird of Prey Vs a Mighty Avenger.

Martial Artist Vs Super Spy.


Whoever wins, us fans are the winner!

Black Canary vs. Black Widow Art by Butch Guice

Black Canary
Black Widow
FishnetsSexy ClothingBlack
Green ArrowSuper Hero LoverToo many
to list

THE PLAYERS...The daughter of the original Black Canary, Dinah Laurel Lance is a highly trained acrobat and hand-to-hand combatant, possessing advanced belts in many martial arts disciplines.

Natasha Romanova, a descendent of the Russian royal family, was a successful ballerina when she was recruited by the KGB and trained in the ways of espionage to become the super-spy called Black Widow.

THE BATTLE... While on the trail of smugglers in the former Soviet Union, Canary and Widow mistake one another for metahuman muscle and the fur starts a’ flyin’! The two expert fighters begin a dizzying ballet of combat: First up is plain ol’ fisticuffs, followed by akido and judo. Neither Widow nor Canary can get the upper hand, so it’s time for something more exotic. Former ballet star Widow unveils a capoeira move, a Brazilian form of dance-like combat. Canary counters with a corno breton throw, a type of Cornish wrestling similar to judo. Natasha, pressing her agility advantage, adopts a gen seiryu strike, a type of karate that stresses tumbling and somersaults. Knocking Canary off her feet, Widow fires her Widow’s line to try and snare Dinah. Canary dodges it, collects the cable, then throws a sonic screamer at the feet of Natasha, disorienting Widow with sonic overload. Canary swoops in, using her skills of hojo jutsu (art of tying) to bind Natasha in her own Widow’s line, leaving her immobilized. Dinah leaves to take out the smugglers, looking like the cat who just swallowed the canary.

While Widow can certainly hold her own, it's kinda one-sided since she's got superpowers while Widow doesn't. Honestly, she can take out Natasha from a distance...unless, of course, Natasha is even FURTHER away with a powerful sniper rifle in hand. :p

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