Friday, September 7, 2007

LMS: Thor Vs Captain Marvel

Uh oh! Checked the Wizard site and there aren't too many LMS features left - just less than ten. So please enjoy these last couple of features while you can!

Today's battle is gonna be an awesome one, when the world's mightiest mortal takes on a thunder god: Captain Marvel (aka the big red cheese) Vs Thor (aka "I can kick Superman's butt any day of the week despite what Kurt Busiek wrote in JLA/Avengers")!

Thor vs. Captain Marvel Art by RAGS MORALES

Captain Marvel
“Forsooth!”Annoying Catchphrase“Holy Moley!”

ORIGINS… The son of the lord of the Norse gods, Odin, and the Earth goddess Jord, Thor grew to become the mightiest warrior in fabled Asgard, acting as the realm’s main protector and God of Thunder!

When orphaned Billy Batson wandered into a deserted subway station, the great wizard Shazam granted him the abilities of seven legendary figures which Billy uses to fight evil as Captain Marvel!

THE BATTLE... Traversing across dimensions using his enchanted hammer Mjolnir, Thor stops at the Rock of Eternity, but when Captain Marvel comes to welcome him, Thor mistakes his actions for an attack…and the battle is on! Thor fires the first salvo, hurling Mjolnir and catching Marvel square in the chest. Watching as the hammer returns to Thor, Marvel’s wisdom of Solomon infers that Mjolnir possess mystical enchantments. Using the speed of Mercury, Marvel races back to the fray and unleashes a mighty punch knocking Thor into the Rock and bloodying his face! Using Mjolnir, Thor opens a space warp that bombards Marvel with a face full of blazing cosmic energy. Protected by the power of Zeus, Marvel swoops in once again, unleashing a thousand mighty blows in the blink of an eye that send Thor to the brink of unconsciousness. Calling upon his godly reserve, Thor again hurls Mjolnir straight at Marvel’s center mass—only this time, Marvel plucks the mallet right out of the air! “How can thou be worthy to wield Mjolnir?” asks a stunned Thunder God. “Because I’m backed by the power of an entire pantheon!” boasts Marvel, who hurls the hammer back at Thor. But Mjolnir returns safely to its owner’s hand thanks to its enchantments, and the Thunder God tries one last tactic. Using the mallet, he calls forth a mighty lightning bolt to strike Marvel…and inadvertently summons the mystical lightning from the Rock of Eternity that triggers Marvel’s transformation from Billy Batson, rendering the young boy unconscious…and defeated!

Wow, that was a pretty tough battle....much tougher than I expected. Surely Captain Marvel isn't worthy enough to be able to wield Mjolnir! It's a nice twist that Thor somehow managed to get that EXACT mystical lightning bolt to turn Marvel back into little Billy Batson. But kind of a cheese way to end the battle too...I would have thought Thor would have cleaned Marvel's clock fair and square!

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Anonymous said...

Uhh, where did you get the fact sheet for Capt Marvel from?
Capt Marvel is a lot taller than
6'2 and he is probably more of a match for Thor than Supes is. You obviously don't know anything about Capt Marvel to think that it would have been such a lopsided fight.