Friday, December 21, 2007

Stan Lee reveals his "Iron Man" cameo

To my knowledge, there's only one Marvel movie in which Stan Lee didn't have a cameo in. And I can't remember what it was! Daredevil I think, though I could be wrong. Perhaps Elektra. Curse my lack of useless information!

He WILL appear in the new Iron Man and Hulk movies of course. And they've reported that he will be a Hugh Hefner-like character in Iron Man!

The legend gabs on his film cameos and Marvel movies in the works

Posted December 20, 2007 1:10 PM interviewed Stan “the Man” Lee on the red carpet at the Jules Verne Film Festival in Los Angeles, where the Marvel mastermind was receiving a lifetime achievement award. Lee revealed that his cameo in “Iron Man” would be Hugh Hefner-esque, featuring Smilin’ Stan with a pipe in his mouth and three girls at his side. The comic book legend also dropped hints that a Power Pack movie might be in the works for the kiddies and that he hadn’t filmed his “Incredible Hulk” cameo yet. For the full interview:

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