Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Marvel Mondays: Luke and Jessica

Oh no! Surely it can't end THIS quickly! Barely two years ago (or maybe even just last year, I can't remember!), we were all celebrating the union between Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Seemed like a match made in heaven...that was born in the ghetto.

So when I read this article on Wizard Universe, I just thought to myself: "Surely not?" Bendis is a big fan of both Luke AND Jessica, who was a character he created. Surely he won't go so far as to help them achieve happiness only to pull the rug out from under them?

But this IS Bendis I suppose, so nothing can be taken for granted.

A look at the marriage headed for the rocks in ‘New Avengers #37’

By Brian Warmoth

Posted December 10, 2007 3:00 PM

The gloves come off in a heated brawl between The Hood’s minions and the New Avengers this week in New Avengers #37. According to Brian Michael Bendis, however, one of the biggest fights waiting offstage may be a confrontation between Luke Cage and his wife Jessica Jones.

“Issue #38 of New Avengers is a very big issue where maybe even his marriage falls apart because of [the Initiative],” Bendis said in a recent Marvel press conference. Since Cage’s daughter Danielle batted some big green eyes at the close of New Avengers #31, a huge question mark has been dangling over the heads of Luke and Jessica. With the Initiative boiling up an occasionally tumultuous relationship, watch for some piping hot plot bubbles to start hitting the surface over the next two months.

But why exactly are the two heroes at odds? The two had a one-night stand long ago and fell at odds with one another shortly thereafter. That one night produced a baby, though, and the now husband and wife seemed to have repaired what was damaged between them, getting married to raise their daughter.

Civil War, however, through a huge wrench into their living situation, sending Jessica to Canada with Danielle while Luke remained in New York fighting alongside the unregistered New Avengers. Though Dr. Strange seems to have verified that Jessica isn’t a Skrull, the possibility of either her or her daughter being a sleeper agent who doesn’t know that she’s a Skrull in disguise has been suggested. Between the potentially cataclysmic ramifications such a reveal could have and the divide placed between them by Tony Stark’s 50-state Initiative, what happens between Luke and Jessica could echo throughout the Marvel Universe over the course of the next 2 issues.

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