Monday, December 10, 2007

Gerard Butler to play Sabretooth in "Wolverine"?

Imagine this: King Leonidas, completely hairy and unshaven after many years of just letting himself go. He's killed and slaughtered millions, barehanded or otherwise. His body is caked with the dried blood of the dead - his many victims - and he's bloodthirsty and hungry to wreck more carnage, snarling away and gnashing his teeth while searching for his next prey.

Got that mental image in your head yet? Well, then perhaps you'd then be able to picture him as Logan's nemesis in his latest flick as Wizard reports:

Deadpool could also be featured in prequel flick

By Andy Serwin

Posted December 7, 2007 10:30 AM

When it comes to casting Sabretooth in the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” movie, director Gavin Hood reportedly wants the Butler to do it.

According to, producers are interested in pursuing Gerard Butler (“300”) to play Wolverine’s archenemy in the prequel feature film, but that’s not the only casting rumor worth sniffing around.

Apparently, the screenplay underwent a last-minute tweak that contained a host of Wolverine’s Weapon X mythology, including the cast addition of the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool! And if Deadpool appears in this flick, could a potential spinoff be in the works? Filmmaker David Goyer (“Blade: Trinity”) has been talking for a while about his desire to do a “Deadpool” film, so introducing him in “Wolverine” could be the first step to getting that off the ground.

Check back to for future developments!

It's obviously not confirmed yet, but how awesome it would be for us to see King Leonidas and the Phantom of the Opera be cast in the Sabretooth role. Apart from the fact that he probably is NOWHERE close to as bulky as Tyler Mane, the original Sabretooth in "X-Men", I'm certain Butler can pull the role off BETTER than Mane.

And whoa, I'd LOVE to see Deadpool on the big screen! Have always been a huge fan of Deadpool...people think he's Spider-man Lite or some amalgamation of Spidey/Wolvie, what with his quick wit, deadly mercernary instincts with a penchant for killing and regenerative healing factor, but Deadpool is one of a kind. AND funnier too!

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