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"Heroes" Worship: Dec. 3, 2007

And now for another installment of Heroes Worship! Just as I thought, despite Australian TV (in particular, Channel 7) "claiming" that Heroes had ended this season with the season finale, it's still ongoing in America. Psh...Channel 7!

Get caught up on last night’s episode of ‘Heroes’ with our in-depth recap!

By Wade Gum

Posted December 4, 2007 5:50 PM

What’s the Excitement About?

In case you slept under a rock during last year’s television season, “Heroes” is NBC’s newest hit show masterminded by Tim Kring. The series follows ordinary people with extraordinary abilities and their attempts to sort out their lives and save the world.

Last season’s chief protagonist was Peter Petrelli, a male nurse who has the ability to absorb and retain the power of any other superpowered individual he comes into contact with. He was relentlessly pursued by Sylar, a murderous villain who can also take powers, but only by killing other people who possess them. Throughout the season, Peter and his allies worked to prevent the destruction of New York as foreseen in a painter’s apocalyptic vision.

Hero Roll Call

Claire Bennet—The biological daughter of Nathan Petrelli. A cheerleader with regenerative powers.

Noah Bennet—Adoptive father of Claire. Possesses no superpowers and once worked for the villainous Primatech Paper Co.

Monica Dawson—The cousin of Micah Sanders. Possesses the ability to mimic any physical ability she sees demonstrated.

Elle—Daughter of Primatech’s Bob. Possesses electrical powers.

Maya Herrera—Has a deadly power and is afflicted with a disease that kills superpowered individuals.

Takezo Kensei—The legendary Japanese hero, who actually turns out to be a scumbag with the power of regeneration.

Hiro Nakamura—Son of Kaito Nakamura. Has the ability to manipulate time.

Matt Parkman—NYPD officer with the ability to hear people’s thoughts.

Nathan Petrelli—Brother of Peter Petrelli. Former politician. Has the power of flight.

Peter Petrelli—Brother of Nathan Petrelli. Has the ability to absorb and retain powers.

Micah Sanders—Son of D.L. and Niki. He has the ability to “talk” to technological devices.

Niki Sanders—Wife of D.L. and mother of Micah, with an alternate personality that possesses super-strength.

Mohinder Suresh—A genetics professor in search of superpowered individuals.

Sylar—The show’s central villain. His power is the ability to determine how things work. With this ability, he kills superpowered individuals and is able to steal their abilities.

Molly Walker—A young girl with the ability to concentrate and locate anyone in the world. Adopted by Matt Parkman.

West—A teenage boy who attends the same school as Claire. Has the power of flight and was tagged by Noah when he still worked for Primatech.

Previously on ‘Heroes’

Peter reached untold heights of na├»ve idiocy when he teamed up with Adam to “save the world.” Adam’s idea of saving the world entails stealing a super-deadly strain of the Shanti virus and unleashing it upon the world to thin the herd, but Peter is far too dense to pick up on this. The pair ventured to Maine to visit Victoria, the woman from the Company responsible for the virus. Ultimately, Adam killed Victoria to “save” Peter, but not before they found out that the one remaining vial of the virus is stored in Odessa, Texas.

Hiro took a trip back and time and witnessed his father, Kaito, apprehending Adam and sealing him away after he tried to unleash the Shanti virus. From this trip back in time, Hiro learns that the virus is in Texas and teleports there. He arrives just in time to catch Peter and Adam. As time stands still, Hiro and Peter face off for the fate of the world.

Noah Bennet woke up no worse for the wear after getting shot, thanks to an infusion of Claire’s blood. Mohinder left him strapped to a table and then went to meet up with Bob. Claire and the rest of the Bennets went to the beach to scatter some fake ashes they presumed were Noah’s. She then proceeded to issue vague threats to Elle and talked about going public with her superpowers.

Niki returned home and reunited with Micah. Mohinder also called with the good news that he has developed a new cure for the Shanti virus. After some thugs stole Micah’s book bag, he enlisted the help of his cousin Monica to save the day. Unfortunately, she ended up getting beaten up and kidnapped by the hoodlums.

Finally, fans got what they really wanted after Sylar murdered Alejandro in cold blood, and then proceeded to put the moves on his sister. This new Bonnie and Clyde pair broke into Mohinder’s apartment and left him a threatening phone message, indicating that Molly Walker may be in danger.

The Recap—‘Powerless’

Mohinder returns to his apartment and finds Sylar waiting for him, along with Maya and a freshly cooked breakfast. Maya begs for Mohinder’s help in controlling her power and Sylar is concerned that the Shanti virus is responsible for hampering his powers. Mohinder and Sylar get into fisticuffs and Sylar pulls a gun, demanding the new cure for the virus. Maya gets upset and unintentionally uses her powers, causing Sylar, Mohinder and Molly to get all black-eyed. Mohinder agrees to help Sylar back at his lab.

Claire decides to go against the Company and tell the world about her abilities. Her mother is concerned about the effect this revelation will have on her life. Claire refuses to live in fear and hiding anymore. West arrives and tries to talk Claire out of her plan. She gives him his file from the Company and sends him on his way. So long, creepy emo boy.

Back at Primatech HQ, Bob decides to bench Elle and take her off active duty due to her constant failures. The Company has Noah locked up in a cell the same as they did to Peter. Elle questions him about the way Bob raised her. She asks nicely, so he tells her the ways in which they exploited her powers and tortured her. Bob enters and tells Noah about Claire’s intention to go public. Bob decides to let Noah go so that he can return home and hopefully stop Claire. She’s understandably very surprised to see her father return from beyond the grave. He explains how he’s still alive: Noah has made a deal with the Company—he goes back to work for them and his family remains safe.

The entire gang goes to Mohinder’s lab. Sylar begrudgingly gives Mohinder a sample of his blood. While Mohinder works on that, Maya gets Molly to try and locate her brother. It’s up to Molly to break the bad news that Alejandro is dead. When Maya gets all upset about it, Sylar is forced to kill her. Sylar makes Mohinder use Claire’s blood to heal Maya and prove the cure works. Mohinder counts on the security systems the Company installed in his lab to get him out of this jam. Elle sees Sylar on the video cameras and decides to play hero to get back in daddy’s good graces. She zaps Sylar with an awesome bolt but destroys the supply of Claire’s blood in the process. Sylar escapes in the confusion and Mohinder thanks Elle for her help. Micah returns home and tells Niki about Monica’s abduction. Niki doesn’t have her super-strength at the moment, so she’s not capable of forming a superhero team to save Monica. Instead, she plays wheelman for Micah. The thugs tie Monica in a basement and douse her with gasoline. Luckily, Micah can track her cell phone with his powers. They get there just in time to discover the building is on fire. Niki gets Monica out of the building before it explodes but has to sacrifice herself in order to do so.

Nathan gets his mother released from jail. Matt continues his investigation and discovers that Adam killed Victoria. He also discovers that Peter’s prints were all over the murder scene. Nathan begs Angela to help them out, so she finally tells them about the past and the previous generation of superheroes that came together to try and save the world. She talks of Adam’s betrayal and his plan to destroy the world with the Shanti virus. She tells them that the virus is housed in Odessa, Texas. Looks like it’s time for a road trip. She also tells them how to kill Adam—with a shot to the head. She telepathically tells Matt that Peter can be killed the same way.

Adam and Peter arrive at Primatech in Odessa. Hiro arrives at the same moment and freezes time. They face off in a battle of teleportation and power-bolt throwing. Peter tells Hiro about the virus outbreak in the future and uses his electricity powers to neutralize him. Once time unfreezes, Adam is surprised to see Hiro lying there unconscious. Before leaving, he reclaims his samurai sword.

Adam and Peter make their way through the Primatech facility with little trouble. They ultimately arrive at a highly secured vault. Adam admits to killing Kaito, but says he did it because Kaito dared to preserve the virus instead of destroy it. Adam plays on Peter’s love of Caitlin in order to make him become stupid again and do as he’s told.

Matt and Nathan arrive on the scene at Odessa and Hiro is overjoyed to see the “flying man” again. Hiro teleports in front of Adam before he can move inside the open vault. Peter, dumb until the end, keeps Hiro neutralized. Matt shows up and tries to use his mind powers to force Peter to act smart, but he’s overpowered. Nathan tries his hand at convincing his moronic brother to see reason. While Peter is distracted, Hiro teleports into the vault and teleports Adam away. Hiro teleports him inside of a buried coffin in Japan and leaves him there.

Once Adam is gone, the vial of the Shanti virus falls to the ground. Peter arrives just in time to grab it with his powers and keep it from shattering. Peter then uses his powers to destroy the virus. Nathan and Matt resolve to stop the Company and go public with everything. Nathan decides to call a press conference and requests Matt’s help in getting people to listen. Unbeknownst to them, the Company is watching.

Nathan goes on television with his speech about the Company and its actions. He gives an inspiring speech about the heroes and all the great things they’ve done, set to a montage of all the crazy things that happened this season. Before he can reveal the truth about superpowers, he’s shot twice in the chest by an unknown assailant. Peter cradles his brother’s body in his arms as he bleeds out and dies. Elsewhere, Angela Petrelli speaks on the phone with someone about how the assassination was unavoidable and how Pandora’s box has now been opened.

Thus ends Volume 2 and thus begins Volume 3: “Villains.” In an alleyway, Sylar injects himself with Claire’s blood. The blood heals his wounds and restores his abilities.

‘Heroes’ Highlights

Bob benches Elle! He manipulates HRG to somehow return for the Company! He…orders the assassination of Nathan?? Well, that last one remains to be seen, but it’s a very good bet. Bob may not have spent much time on screen, but it was his behind-the-scenes puppeteering that’ll have lasting repercussions. —Executive Editor Brian Cunningham

Why didn’t Peter or Hiro stop time to halt Adam dropping the virus vial? And that vial sure did drop an awfully long time for Peter to finally catch up to it. And, most importantly, how did Nathan’s hair get all pretty for that press conference?? —Executive Editor Brian Cunningham

Bob has the power to turn ordinary metal into gold and his computer password is “Midas”? It’s like he’s begging people to hack in, as Elle does in order to check out the goings-on in Mohinder’s lab.—Associate Editor Eric Moya

“I can make you tell me.”—Elle
“You can try.”—HRG

Oh, snap! Despite her mighty convincing blonde bravado, even Elle can’t stand up to the sheer cockiness that HRG exudes on a daily basis. Come on, girl! Dude got shot in the eyeball, and you think a little zappa zappa is going to make him cry? Too bad the Company’s cutest killer doesn’t know what Noah Bennet’s known all along: If you want to make someone do your bidding, get at them through their family. —Staff Writer Kiel Phegley

Okay, so along with the requisite shockers held within a finale episode, there had to be a few fake-outs inherent in this week’s episode, but why did one of them have to be the death of Maya? Not to downplay her role in bringing the show’s best villain back into play, but after being a pretty big plot-driver for this volume, the plague-spreading starlet’s story has just about run out. At this point, Maya would want to have her powers taken away, so her role in Volume 3 should be in doubt. Now that she’s survived into 2008, it’s a wonder what she can contribute to “Heroes” moving forward. Here’s a suggestion that’s always fun: revenge! —Staff Writer Kiel Phegley

As Peter destroys the Shanti virus, the famed kanji appears as a faint impression in the vial’s dusty remains. How’d that get there?—Associate Editor Eric Moya

From the dropping of the virus vile to the flames licking the feet of Monica, this week’s episode had plenty of cliffhangery moments, but the biggest shocks came at the last second with the one-two punch of Nathan’s assassination and Sylar’s return to superpowering. And while the former was a bit crazier than the latter, I’ve got to subtract a few points based solely on the fact that when Nathan said, “It’s time to tell the truth,” my girlfriend went “Oh God, they’re going to kill him!”—Staff Writer Kiel Phegley

Next Time on ‘Heroes’

Zip. Zero. Nada. Thanks to the writers’ strike, “Heroes” is on indefinite hiatus. When will Book 3 begin? Who knows? You’ll just have to make do with “Heroes” fan fiction and post on message boards until then.

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