Friday, December 14, 2007

Casting Call: "Teen Titans"

OoOo...I loves me a Casting Call feature. I think Wizard and Wizard Universe should bring back this feature and make it a regular again! Always like to see who they think would be the best actor or actress to play the big screen part of my favourite characters, even though I don't often agree of course!

This week: Wizard casts the Teen Titans movie!

From teen stars to Terminators, check out this dream cast for a ‘Titans’ movie

By Justin Aclin

Posted December 13, 2007 11:50 AM

Everyone’s so excited that a “Justice League” film is coming, it almost escapes notice that Warner Bros. recently greenlit what could potentially be the best DC Comics film yet—“Teen Titans.” While Justice League’s all about killer fights and mind-blowing effects, we’d want a “Titans” film to capture the relationships and character moments that make the book a classic. Here’s who we would pick for a film pitting the old guard (led by Nightwing) and the new class (led by Robin) against Deathstroke the Terminator…and the traitor he’s planted in their midst.

NIGHTWING: Jared Padalecki
As demon-hunting Sam Winchester on the CW’s “Supernatural,” Padalecki displays the confidence, physicality (and occasional bursts of humor) that we’d need for the former teen hero who has to set the bar for two generations of heroes to rise to.

DONNA TROY: Missy Peregrym
Statuesque Peregrym has the sci-fi chops (she’s had powers as Candice on “Heroes” and currently plays the love interest on “Reaper”) and the athleticism (she took to the floor in the gymnastics movie “Stick It”) to play the former Wonder Girl. Sign her up now!

Casting bronze, sexy Megan Fox (“Transformers”) as orange, sexy Starfire isn’t much of a stretch at all. Fox practically lights the screen on fire anyway, so she’d be a perfect fit for the fiery alien princess with the flimsy purple bathing suit.

BEAST BOY: Adam Brody
Seth Cohen would be so jealous. Too bad, Seth, because your alter ego (he of TV’s “The OC,” of course) has the perfect wise-cracking, lovelorn persona to play the Titans’ green-skinned shape-shifter. He’d be the ideal actor to straddle the line between the older Titans and the young guns.

RED ARROW: Chad Michael Murray
Murray cut his teeth on teen soap “One Tree Hill,” so we know he can do the drama. But it was his turn as a crossbow-wielding badass in “House of Wax” (opposite our Nightwing choice Jared Padalecki) that convinced us he’s the man to play Green Arrow’s former protégé.

RAVEN: Nora Zehetner
Just the look alone would be enough to convince us that Nora would make a perfect Raven. But thanks to her recurring role on “Heroes” as the extraordinarily persuasive Eden, we’ve got all the evidence we need that she’d make a kick-ass superpowered hero.

CYBORG: Columbus Short
Sure, “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” only lasted one season, but appearing on an Aaron Sorkin show is a master class for any actor. So we have great faith in Short’s ability to pull off the tortured hero Cyborg. And if the role calls for any fancy moves, he used to be a dancer for Britney Spears!

TIM DRAKE/ROBIN: Justin Chatwin
As Tom Cruise’s son in “War of the Worlds,” Chatwin was by turns rebellious, terrified, take-charge and emotional—everything we want from the leader of our younger heroes. Plus, unlike in the comics, he doesn’t just look like a slightly younger version of Nightwing—he’s his own man!

SUPERBOY: Scott Porter
Conner Kent is an all-American type who has to overcome finding out he has two dads, and one of them is Lex Luthor. On “Friday Night Lights” Porter plays an All-American quarterback who has to overcome getting paralyzed. Call him Superboy or Kon-El, but Porter is perfect.

WONDER GIRL: Sara Paxton
Cassie Sandsmark isn’t exactly human—her mother is, but her father is the god Zeus. It’s not exactly the same thing, but Paxton played a mermaid in “Aquamarine” (a daughter of Poseidon, perhaps?) Regardless, she’s got the right kind of spunk to play Superboy’s love interest.

IMPULSE: Kyle Gallner
Why mess with perfection? Gallner played a note-perfect Bart Allen in two memorable episodes of “Smallville.” If we were Hollywood casting agents, we’d simply lock up Gallner then sit on our duffs and earn a paycheck. Ah, if only…

With his imposing voice, killer physique and piercing peepers, Craig (James Bond in “Casino Royale”) could play a killer with one eye closed. Which will serve him well as Slade Wilson, the world’s best hired assassin who allows things to get personal when it comes to his hatred of the Teen Titans.

RAVAGER: Camilla Belle
She gained critical acclaim for Daniel Day Lewis’ “The Ballad of Jack and Rose,” playing Rose, a teen with some serious daddy issues. Ravager is really Rose Wilson, Deathstroke’s teen daughter with—you guessed it—some serious daddy issues. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out…

TERRA: Michelle Trachtenberg
Sure, hardcore comic fans will see it coming. But thanks to the goodwill she’s built up as Buffy’s little sis Dawn, millions of moviegoers will never suspect that Trachtenberg’s toothy, toothsome Terra could ever betray the Titans…or that she’s “special friends” with Slade.

Looks like the almost perfect casting for me! Almost, because I think they could have found someone else to play the role of Robin aka Tim Drake. Tim's a geek, but a COOL geek, if there's one. But the guy they've chosen just doesn't even look like him at all! I can't think of anyone else offhand at the moment to better fill the shoes though.


marie said...

okay, most i'd say are fair, except for impulse and wonder girl. neither of the people you named jmped out at me or even resembled the characters, however for most of the actors, it looked like you put a lot of thought into the characters , so good work. you abviously know a lot about the comics. but if they do make this movie like this, it can't be just about the teen titans, it would be teen titans/young justice, which i'm good with cause i like young justice better. if you really think they should make this movie, you should make a skript and send it in. if you don't, i will, and i may not right it the way you want.

Anonymous said...

James Bond as Deathstroke?? Ok no offense but what are you on? Bruce WIllis would be a much better choice for The Terminator!! Have you seen Die Hard?!!
"Yippee kiy-ay Motherfu-!!!" John MaClane'd be my choice in a heartbeat!!

Anonymous said...

The one that I am struggling with is Raven's character.
I'm not exactly positive that she'd be the right actor, but then again I didn't think heath Ledger was gonna be any good at the Joker and then he was the only one that could ever play the joker that good. Too bad he died. That blows.

Zachariah said...

Okay, I do not really agree with some of your cast choices. Most of them, really. Most of your choices are annoying pretty-boy young actors, leaving out a fair amount of good ones. Impulse: fine choice, I'm cool with it. Same with Ravager, Deathstroke, Terra, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, and Donna Troy. Everyone else, not so much. First, I would actually pick Sam Witwer for Superboy. He was on Smallville, and take a look at the titans version of Superboy and Witwer. Fairly close, and he could better encompass Superboy's moral dilemmas. Next, Alan Ritchson would do well as Red Arrow. Just a thought. Nightwing, I would actually pick an older actor, Robin I would definitely choose a 'cool geek' as opposed to the 'not at all smart looking' Chatwin, as Robin and Nightwing are supposed to be the brains of the outfit. Beast Boy should not actually be that good looking. I would just pick someone quirky, as opposed to male model. Last, your choice for Wonder Girl is terrible. Yes, she is supposed to be blonde. No, she's not supposed to look stupid. She's in a leadership position, so let her LOOK like a leader. That's just my two cents worth.