Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Avengers Vs Transformers

Alrighty, Wizard Universe recently released this 8-page preview of the second issue of New Avengers/Transformers. Click on the pics for larger images:

Man. Initially, I didn't want to buy this mini-series, but it combines two of my favourite bunches of characters: The Avengers and the Transformers. So I couldn't resist buying the first issue.

It seemed like Marvel and IDW (owner of the Transformers property for comics) wanted to cash in on success of the live action movie (which is doing awesomely well worldwide by the way) and put their two best selling comic book properties together to earn even more megabucks.

The New Avengers and the Autobots meeting for the first time and, as expected, it follows a tried-and-tested but contrived plot device: Two superheroes (or superhero teams) meet each other for the first time; both mistake each other as the villain(s), both superheroes/teams battle each other. It's been done to death in comics...JLA Vs Avengers, Captain America Vs Wolverine, yaddayaddayadda.

Honestly though, who'd win a fight between the Autobots and the New Avengers? Well, first off, if the Autobots were true to their characters, they would hold back and not go all out, since one of their mantras is the preservation of all living things. If it were the Decepticons, sure, they'd do their best to kill and maim, but there's no way the Autobots would kill any of the Avengers...willingly or knowingly at least.

The New Avengers though, would have no problem opening up a can of whoop ass on the 'Bots. They'd consider the Autobots as sentient but non-living beings and with the Avengers' history of fighting robotic threats like Ultron and the like, they'd have no problem trying to terminate the Autobots function circuits.

Let's say though, for the sake of this argument, that both teams don't hold back. Who'd win in a fight? I can't go past the Autobots here. Wouldn't they be just too big and bad and powerful for the Avengers?

Optimus Prime could use his laser cannon and fry the flesh off Wolverine's bones faster than he could regenerate it. Yes, if Wolvie gets within range to use his claws, he could cause a LOT of damage. But he'd never get within range. If Spider-man were caught, he'd be squashed like a bug. His webbing won't do any good against any of the Autobots, and I don't think he'd be too much stronger than any of them, for all his proportionate strength of a spider.

I don't think Captain America can do too much damage with his adamantium shield either, apart from denting a couple of Autobots. Yes, he'd be a hard target to for the Autobots to catch, but other than being the strategic leader on the field in this battle, I'd hazard to guess he'd have almost no other impact whatsoever.

Iron Man Vs any of the Autobots (bar Bumblebee)...that's like a leaf going against a gale force wind. Yes, Iron Man has the most technologically advanced armour on this planet...but the Autobots ARE technologically advanced beings! No contest there. Spider-woman's pheromones would have no effect on the 'Bots and like Spider-man, she'd be squashed like a bug.

Now Luke Cage is a different matter altogether. I think the Autobots would have the toughest time with him...if Luke Cage connects with a punch, it could seriously damage any of the Autobots. And the Autobots can't really kill him either...they can certainly put the hurt on him, but Luke Cage will just get up and keep going at them until he's dead. The best way to deal with him? Get one of the Autobots to pick him up and fling him ten thousand miles away and that would take him out of the battle...for at least a very long while.

Ms Marvel might be pretty tough to deal with as well, especially since she can also fly, but she wouldn't be close to being as tough to deal with as Luke Cage.

Anyway, as skeptical as I am about how this series is going to turn out, I'm still going to keep buying it.

Tyler Kirkham is a pretty awesome artist, but I just can't help feel that he's not really suited to draw big metal robots. I'd love to see him doing more Marvel work sometime in the future, but on human characters and not robots.

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