Wednesday, July 25, 2007

LMS: Boba Fett vs Deadpool

I've really missed this section that Wizard magazine published oh so many years ago, so I thought I'd slowly bring it back, courtesy of placing it here in this blog!

Boba Fett vs. Deadpool Art by Ed McGuinness and Jason Martin

Boba Fett
UnknownWeight215 lbs
TalkWon'tShut up

THE PLAYERS...The most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett's Mandalorian battle armor, the countless bombs and guns, and his cold calculating mind, have served him well against bounties across the galaxy.

Before he gained his powers in Canada’s “Weapon X” project, Wade Wilson was a small-time mercenary. Nowadays, Deadpool combines his superhuman strength and regenerative powers to dish out death and low-brow chuckles with equal skill.

THE BATTLE... Earth. Far from the galaxy’s most wretched collection of scum and villainy. At least, that’s what Boba Fett thinks as he exits Slave-I and begins hunting his mark. Suddenly, a boisterous “Hey, Abbottttttt” catches his attention, as a left boot catches his face. Screaming about Armor-All and the dangers of smoking, Deadpool lets loose a fury of kicks, jabs and headbutts. It’s all Fett can do to concentrate, let alone block the assault. Firing off a continuous round from his BlasTech EE-3 blaster rifle, Fett barely keeps the Merc with a Mouth back. Realizing his foe’s absolutely nuts, Fett reverts to an all-out blitz. Three concussive grenades, some laser shots and a burst of flame later, he knocks the ’Pool off his feet. Snagging him with his grappling hook, Fett whips ’Pool on over and lets loose a blast straight to his head. Case closed.


Keath007 said...

Awww sweet - I missed this the first time around too. Ed McGuinness art always rocks

Anonymous said...

This was some retarded ass shit , deadpool would win against bobba fett dumb asses!