Friday, July 27, 2007

LMS: Batman: Year One vs Daredevil: Yellow

Here's the daily Last Man Standing, before I leave for Perth for a holiday. Will be back Wednesday!

Batman: Year One vs. Daredevil: Yellow Art by STEVE LIEBER

Batman: Year One
Daredevil: Yellow
210 lbsWeight200 lbs
BatarangWeaponBilly Club
Arch-nemesis' daughterBangedA Porn Star

THE PLAYERS...Blinded when a radioactive isotope struck him in the face, Matt Murdock’s other senses were boosted to superhuman levels and he was gifted with a unique radar sense that replaced his sight.

When his parents were murdered by a mugger, Bruce Wayne vowed to avenge them by fighting crime. To that end, he trained inn every known form of combat and pushed himself to become a perfect weapon.

THE BATTLE...Staking out the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen, the Batman spots the vibrantly-garbed acrobat and attempts to surprise him with a Batarang toss. Picking up the object with his radar sense, the Man Without Fear easily avoids the projectile and swings into action. Going toe-to-toe, Batman’s got the edge in fighting skills, but Daredevil’s acrobatics and toughness even things out, allowing him to dodge most of Batman’s martial arts strikes. The Dark Knight retreats to the shadows to spring another attack, a tactic that works well against common street thugs. But DD, using his heightened senses, smells Batman’s sweat and hears his heartbeat and respiration to pinpoint his location perfectly. One well-placed billy club toss leaves Batman laid out and DD swinging on his merry way. One consolation for the fledgling detective–he’s learned from his mistakes, and after a few years seasoning in Gotham City, Batman knows the outcome of another fight with Daredevil will be much, much different.

This is probably the ONLY time in the history of comics that Daredevil would kick Batman's ass.

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Simone Pozzoli said...

Batman is a helluva fighter, no doubt about that. But come on, let's face it: just because is Batman, that doesn't mean that the Dark Knight can beat anyone just 'cause "He's Batman".

Daredevil is a helluva fighter too, and also with much more skills then Bats. And don't forget that Matt Murdock's training starts years and years before Bruce Wayne's training.

Daredevil will ALWAYS kicks Batman's ass. Because is Daredevil.