Friday, July 20, 2007

Gimme some sugar, baby!

Took some time creating the banner above...well, not creating, but editing and stuff with Paint. It's very shoddy work, I know...but hey, cut me some slack. It's my first effort. :p I'm still considered a blogging newbie. So unpro! ^_^


~*PaMkiN*~ said...

Well hello there! Very much into comics I can see! So nothing has changed much, tee hee! Banner is very entertaining, although is his real name REALLY Thursday??

Blankie said...

Hi Jessie! No lah, his real name isn't really "Thursday".

Anyway, you're in the wrong blog, haha! I actually own three blogs, this one being the ONLY one that I own on my own.

The regular blog I have is co-owned with Aeris and that's the one you'd want to read to see what's happening in our lives and stuff. :)