Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wii Championships at Federation Square

Received this nice little thing in the mail today which I had purchased from eBay:

Played it for about half an hour and I've completed the first three stages of Episode I: The Phantom Menace. This game is awesome! It's not quite a 3D platformer and it's not a side's somewhere in between. But the Lego characters are so cute! They don't talk at all and humour is delivered via facial expressions. And the music is just superb. I wonder what the Wii version is like...not that I'm going to get that!

In fact, we were talking about the Nintendo DS as well as other games consoles at work today. K-Mart and Big W were having massive toy sales this coming week (starting tomorrow!) and we were looking at the brochures that someone brought, as well as online, to see what was available. There were some awesome package deals on the DS and Wii...the console plus free games at the normal console price!

We were discussing which ones were better and more worth it, which invariably led to me talking to my colleagues about my experiences with Big W, namely how I could be the first customer there but something would be sold out, or how they would say the stock hadn't arrived yet. The Big W prices were cheaper, but I prefer K-Mart in terms of quality and probably Customer Service. Plus, there are K-Marts that are open 24 hours while we all concluded there were no Big Ws like that.

In fact, in about an hour's time, I'm going to drive down to the K-Mart at Burwood SC to have a look at their games there. Cooking Mama on the Wii is selling for $34.95, the cheapest I have seen and we've been looking at that for quite some time now. Good time to buy it...I'll probably laugh madly when Aeris tries it out!
Most of my colleagues have children or grandchilden who have a NDS and I think I'm probably the only one out of my colleagues that owns one. That may change soon though...I had another colleague really interested in purchasing one since it came with one or two free games! The offer with two free games was at Big W and while that may seem more worth it, the other offer at K-mart for one free game may be the one with better value since the choice and quality of games offered were much better.

Hmmm...Wifi NDS action at the call centre? Hey you never know! While we're still on the subject of gaming, received an email today about the Wii Championships taking place at Federation Square this weekend. They were having competitions for Wii Sports and the public have been invited to compete against each other! I don't think we'll go to participate OR watch, but if we were, I'd love to take part in the tennis comp, which is on Saturday! First 500 entrants get a Wii backpack and each day a Wii and five games are up for grabs for the daily champion!
Which doesn't make quite much sense...because the champion would surely have put in many hours of playing Wii Sports...which means they would probably own a Wii already? How bizarre!

Further information about the Wii Championships:

Get down to the Wii Championships this weekend - Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 July - at Federation Square Melbourne to put your Wii Sports skills to the test and win great Nintendo prizes!

You’ll also have the chance to compete in Wii Sports tennis and Wii Sports bowling against Channel Nine personalities Kelly Landry (Getaway), Shura Taft and Georgia Sinclair (KidsWB).

Each day a Wii, and five Wii games will be up for grabs for the daily champion, plus the first 500 entrants per day will receive a Wii back pack!

The Wii Championships celebrate Nintendo’s sponsorship of the Game On exhibition, located at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). The Game On exhibition which is open daily, will close Sunday 13 July.

What: Wii Championships
When: Saturday 5 (Wii Sports tennis) and Sunday 6 (Wii Sports bowling) July 2008
Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday
Where: Federation Square Melbourne, Corner Swanston and Flinders Streets, Melbourne, Victoria

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