Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A New Year...and a new console!

Hey all! Happy New Year to everyone!

Even though it's a new year, still don't quite have the time to update this blog regularly. I was in shock when I realised that I had three people following this blog. Wow. Even though this blog is hardly ever updated, it's still pretty flattering that there are people who are following it!

Anyway, I've never actually mentioned it here, probably because I've been too busy playing video games just prior to Christmas (and in my 10 day holiday period), but Aeris got me an Xbox360 for Christmas!

The new Xbox360. Spankin'!

My first Xbox360 games: GTAIV, Fable II and the Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda two-pack that came with the Xbox360 Pro console pack.

The three consoles all hooked up to the TV. All that's missing is the PSP and DS! All I lack now is a PS3...

I was just ecstatic that I received that. I had been talking to Aeris about Xbox360 games and stuff but never did I imagine that she would get me one! And she didn't just get me the console, she got me the two extra games too.

I've only played ONE game on the Xbox360 so far, and it's a game that has taken up the majority of my holidays: GTAIV. Remember just a few blog entries down I was complaining about how I wouldn't get a chance to play this fabulous game on account of the PC version not being compatible to my computer and me not owning a 360 or PS3? You can just imagine how rabid I was in wanting to play the game.

And play it I did. I wonder how many hours I've already clocked up on the game...must be a fair bit! A proper review one of these days, but I don't think I'll ever grow tired of playing it, even when I complete it, I'd be dying to play it a couple more times from scratch!

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